Friday, 22 November 2013

Neither Become Nor Encourage Anyone To Be Sachin Tendulkar (This is Not for Politician)

We  all know Sachin Tendulkar took the decision of Retirement suddenly on a very fine day when he felt he could not continue more and first had this discussion with his wife ANJALI JI. He  himself acknowledged this in his Farewell even. We all Remember this right…! But please you don’t take your retirement decision like him.

What we mean IS… Sachin & Anjali Ji both are exceptional person and please you don’t become or let any one of your beloved become Sachin Tendulkar when it comes to retirement…  because hardly there will be any one, having life partner like ANJALI JI is. Although being  a doctor she acted like a home maker and took responsibility of entire family, While sachin was enjoying Cricket and Serving Nation and was Working Even.... Family responsibility of Sachin Tendulkar was taken care by his wife, Even many of  our wife may be working and supporting us or may be even being a  home maker are taking care of our family too. But We still  need to Think About our Family and Retirement Both NOW….

See Sachin is a big Liar or shall I call him a SMART PERSON, he always said he have never thought about retirement whenever people asked about it… or at times…  he stayed quite,  when critics targeted him and forced retirement over him, He never admitted he had planned for his retirement well in advance.

Dear Friends, If you careful lookin Sachin had planned his Retirement very well… He discussed First with her wife right after her marriage with Anjali Ji.. Who voluntarily scarified her career when they had actually planned…. On his retirement.…  That what even we each one of you need to do… Even you have to talk with your life partner….. TODAY itself if you have not done yet… DO IT NOW…!
Actually Sachin Sir is man of perfection. He had planned all the things very well on time or before time and stayed ahead of all. That’s why we all Love to say and hear SACHINNNNNnnnnnnnn SACHINnnnn……….. Isnt’t It…! See, how wonderfully he just did not start the Retirement right after the marriage by discussing with his life partner…   but even when he planned how his retirement will be he chosen  Anajali Ji only… followed by his family and rest were just informed, he properly planned his retirement day date and time in Mumbai. Think how much must he have planned and discussed. Where he ensured all the things were in place which he never dreamn't  of . (West Indies Tour is just for him. It’s PROPERLY PLANNED)

Similarly we also need to think about RETIREMENT very seriously, because we do not rank among the “The Most Happy Person On Earth” You must be thinking mean…….? Remember these words “The Most Happy Person Is One Whose Work and Hobby Are Same” this was said by Sachin himself. And today HE IS ONE AMONG THE MOST HAPPY PERSON ON THE EARTH. Not because just his work & hobby are same and was successful person. But he has planned everything in his life “I MEAN ALL GOAL OF HIS LIFE” and that what is RETIREMENT.

GUYS… Plan your retirement like how SACHIN ACTUALLY DID…! And don’t become Sachin Tendulkar next time when a Financial Planner calls and ask you have you planned your Retirement. Don't answer like SACHIN JI by saying Financial Planner “I really have not thought about it.. Let me enjoying my (work)  game & when time come I will take decision accordingly and will surely inform you.”

You all must be aware what he said in his farewell, Another Person who he adores is Ajit Ji His brother and His Coach Archerekar Ji among many other, With whom he discussed everything and took all the guidance from them throughout his career. We all know how  well he respected all the small tournament Like Ranji Trophy  and Other Net Practice  and weighted them.
And YES… If you are thinking WHY this all is not for politician…?  Answer is simple… We all know very well.... Politician DON’T RETIRE…..! ;-))